Creado por Patricia Pradolin, docente de Práctica de la Interpretación, Introducción a la Traducción y Orientación Profesional

martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Dos and Don’ts of Interpreter Etiquette

- Wear business attire (unless indicated otherwise)
- Don’t wear flashy colors or provocative clothing
- Don’t wear jewelry that make noises
- Don’t overdo your make up

Before the meeting:
- Arrive on time (30 to 15 minutes before).
- Introduce to your colleagues and the technician.

- Make sure you know how to operate the equipment.
-Arrange work length with your colleague.
-Organize your area of work.
- Mind your manners in the booth!!
- Do not smoke or wear strong scents.
- Do not eat inside the booth.
- Share the space. Agree on seating arrangement with your booth mate.
- Help you partner when not working. Remember your are a team.
- Do not make unnecessary noises: rustle papers, pour water, drum your fingers, etc.
- No goofing around. Interpreters need to be 100% focused.
- Try to adopt a natural accent and good voice production.
- Keep a good posture